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Brewing with Electricity: Preparing for our Brew Day

3 months ago

In this episode, as we start our Brew day, we discuss the fact that there are many items that need to take place before we can simply start brewing... READ MORE

Cad models


3 months ago

Search, view, and download CAD Models from 3D ContentCentral. Click here                    ... READ MORE


SolidWorks - Spoon Tutorial

4 months ago

Learn how to create a spoon with SOLIDWORKS.                             &... READ MORE


Solidworks Tutorial - Steel staircase in SolidWorks

4 months ago

Discover how to sketch a Steel Stair in SolidWorks with the help of Weldments.                   &n... READ MORE


SOLIDWORKS MBD How-To video tutorials part 3

4 months ago

A well-designed template can help ensure standard compliances and consistent documentations. If you customize your 2D drawing templates, then pleas... READ MORE


SOLIDWORKS Rocket Hacking

4 months ago

  Hack a model rocket kit with our own 3D printed plastic components.                   ... READ MORE


SOLIDWORKS Rose Tutorial - Part 1

4 months ago

We suggest our fellow SOLIDWORKS users try something a little different by modeling this rose for that special someone.       &nb... READ MORE

Time lapse

SOLIDWORKS Time-Lapse Tutorial

4 months ago

Amateur filmmakers now have access to equipment that used to cost thousands of dollars and is now readily affordable to almost anyone.   &n... READ MORE

Made easy


4 months ago

Many high quality designs are created using surfacing commands in SOLIDWORKS                   &nbs... READ MORE

Best community

SOLIDWORKS is Everywhere: Experience the Best Community in CAD

4 months ago

Hear from SOLIDWORKS users as they discuss how being part of the BEST community in CAD inspires them to help other users become successful  ... READ MORE