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Mansoura Formula Student Team Drives Engineering Success using SOLIDWORKS

10 months ago

Egypt’s Masoura University Formula Student racing team, under the direction of faculty mentor, Dr Mohammed Awad, use their... READ MORE


Top 5 3D Printed Holiday Decorations

10 months ago

Tis’ the season for hot cocoa, wrapping gifts and 3D printing your own ornaments. We compiled a list of our top five favorite 3D printed holi... READ MORE


Discover the potential - Augmented Reality/ Virtual Reality

10 months ago

Boldly Going Where Design Hasn’t Gone Before: the Promise of AR/VR The excitement around virtual reality (VR) was high when it made a spla... READ MORE


Discover the Three New "Model Based Definition" Tutorials built into SOLIDWORKS

10 months ago

Three New MBD Tutorials Built into SOLIDWORKS Model-based definition (MBD) is a new approach to specifying product design requirements on 3D mod... READ MORE

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Taking on New Design Challenges with SOLIDWORKS

10 months ago

A sudden shift to a new product or work assignment can require a designer to get up to speed on long-forgotten SOLIDWORKS functionalities that were... READ MORE


SOLIDWORKS helps in increasing internet quality

11 months ago

Increasing the Quality of Internet Connectivity With the Help of SOLIDWORKS Connected devices and the Internet of Things have upped our dependen... READ MORE


SOLIDWORKS helps in making delicious waffles

11 months ago

Belgian waffles – they’re almost unreasonably delicious, aren’t they? That first warm bite that tiptoes between crisp and deli... READ MORE


Paranthaman Exporters shifted from 2D to 3D with SOLIDWORKS thereby cutting its development cycles in half.

11 months ago

Custom Designs in Half the Time: Paranthaman Exporters goes from 2D to 3D PRD Rigs, an award-winning Indian manufacturer of drilling rigs for oi... READ MORE


Learn how to save time by using SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic.

11 months ago

Who Has Time to Create a Spare Parts List?  Do I really need to waste my time creating a spare parts list?? Who has time to create a li... READ MORE


Lighting in SOLIDWORKS Visualize

11 months ago

SOLIDWORKS Visualize uses a non-biased rendering engine, which allows for physically accurate lighting within a scene. It generates images wit... READ MORE